e-valuation™ is an online ethics training tool aimed at middle and senior management of large corporations. It uses e-mail as a training interface, thus enabling trainees to complete the training programme in their own time. The aim of e-valuation is to help trainees to deal with ethical dilemmas – it sharpens ethical decision-making skills and does not provide ready-made answers to ethical questions. However, it can be customized to provide company-specific feedback based on existing policies.

Participants receive a weekly e-mail with a brief description of an ethical dilemma. They are required to study the dilemma and vote online to indicate which response they believe to be the most appropriate. Each week they receive brief feedback on their choice, as well as a summary of the choices made by their colleagues. Participants need to respond to a minimum number of dilemmas (determined by the client) to complete the course, after which they receive a certificate of completion. It is important to note that all responses are confidential – the client will never get access to the responses of any particular individual. However, the client does receive a management report that summarises voting trends and identifies potential ethical risks. Additional analysis and interpretation can be arranged. Dilemmas can be selected from an existing data base or developed based on company requirements.

The existing data base contains dilemmas that address the following issues:

  • Collusion / price-fixing
  • Copyright infringement
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Discrimination
  • Environment
  • Expense claims
  • Having a second job
  • Having an interest in a supplier
  • Inappropriate gifts and entertainment
  • Insider trading
  • Intellectual property and trade secrets
  • IT security / electronic communication
  • Kickbacks and bribes
  • Operating in countries of concern
  • Political contributions
  • Privacy
  • Private use of company assets
  • Quality of product / service
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unlawful practices
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Work / life balance

There are many benefits associated with this product, including the following:

  • It is not time consuming, requiring approximately 10 to 15 minutes per trainee per week
  • The results are auditable, with real time information available on completion rates – a certificate of completion is only issued on completion of course
  • It is easy to include information in a sustainability report or to demonstrate specific actions that can be reported to the social and ethics committee
  • The dilemmas are aligned with the principles of the UN Global Compact, and therefore ideal for preparing Communications on Progress
  • The product is affordable because no face to face training is required
  • The product is flexible – the client can choose between generic or customised material

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