Keeping Good Company

The game is played by five players who go through an adrenalin-filled day, including meetings with the corporation’s production, finance and marketing executives, lunch with the chairman of the board and a confrontation with a journalist, to mention only a few.

The five players take on the alternating roles of facilitator, decision maker, environmental advisor, social advisor and governance & ethics advisor.

The facilitator introduces a scenario and then asks the decision maker to respond with a proposed course of action.

After having listened to the decision, the environmental, social and governance & ethics advisors assess the decision by awarding points to the decision maker, based on guidance provided to them by brief memos associated with the scenario.

Each player will get the opportunity to take on each role twice. But in the fast-paced world of a CEO you cannot always control everything, and every player will therefore also get two wild cards where anything can happen. As the CEO you will be surprised by what some of your staff members can get up to and what the impact can be on you, so be prepared!

Each player has three tokens on the board, representing the progress based on the environmental, social and governance / ethics impact of their decisions and the outcome of the wild cards. At the end of the final round, the scores of each player are tallied to determine the winner. The game takes approximately one hour to complete.