Penalty Shootout™

Penalty Shootout™ is an ethics board game that provides basic ethics training with a compliance focus. It aims to train individuals in the ethics policy and basic ethics requirements of the client (e.g. knowledge of the whistle blowing hotline, consequences of policy contravention, etc). Based on the rules of soccer, success is determined by a combination of knowledge and luck. Employees can play either in a formal training environment or in a self-regulated environment (e.g. during tea-time or lunch breaks). The format is similar to a soccer league competition, where employees form teams of five players and enter a competition with attractive prizes. One cycle of the game involves 16 teams of five employees (i.e. 80 employees at a time), with four rounds of a knock-out competition leading to a final. When teams enter the competition, they are provided with the information that they need to study in order to play the game.

There are many benefits associated with this product, including the following:

  • The game is presented in an innovative environment and attractive prizes will ensure high levels of interest
  • The product is flexible – customised training material is developed based on the client’s own policies and procedures
  • It is not time consuming (employees could even play in their own time, approximately 30 minutes is required per game)
  • The results are auditable – detailed information is available on completion rates because all employees need to sign score sheets – a certificate is only issued on completion of a course
  • It is easy to include information in the company’s sustainability report or to demonstrate specific actions, e.g. what is done in terms of anti-corruption training
  • The product is affordable, because no face to face training is involved (although a basic train the trainer programme is required)

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