The Board Game

The Board Game is a corporate governance simulation that is fully integrated with actual board meetings. Directors are presented with a real-world corporate governance case study, based on a case that ended up in a court of law. (currently in development: available from Q3 2022)

The case study appears on the board agenda and discussion at the meeting is facilitated by the chairman (hence no need for an external facilitator to be present). The facts of the case are presented in such a way that the board is forced to have a debate and make a decision as if it were a standard agenda item.

The Board Game is available on an annual subscription basis and comprises four individual cases, each consisting of the following:

  • Background information about a specific case, to be distributed to all directors in advance of a board meeting, with instructions on how to prepare (total preparation time will not exceed 30 minutes);
  • Guidelines on how to facilitate the discussion at the board meeting (made available only to the board chairman); and
  • A reader-friendly summary of the judgement, as well as legal and ethical commentary that can guide the board should similar situations arise in future (total reading time will not exceed 15 minutes).

If required, an additional opinion could be requested with more customized feedback, based on the specific company history or relevant industry issues.