Tracking Risks Associated with Compliance and Ethics (TRACETM) is a confidential online survey that measures employee perceptions about the frequency of misconduct, the levels of compliance and the general ethical culture in an organization.


TRACETM  measures risks in the following areas:

  • Questionable workplace behaviour, e.g. deceptive sales or marketing practices, excessive private use of company assets, unauthorized absence from work, violating internet or travel policies, etc.
  • Specific behaviour that constitutes conflicts of interest, e.g. accepting inappropriate gifts or hospitality, being related to a supplier, having a second job without proper authorization or disclosure, etc.
  • Behaviour prohibited by law, e.g. accounting fraud, insider trading, procurement or tender fraud, etc.
  • Perceptions about company culture, e.g. familiarity with company values, effective ethical leadership, trust and accountability, company reputation, etc.


The tool comprises a generic questionnaire that can be customized in different ways: selecting the most appropriate questions or adding company-specific questions, determining the weighting of risks associated with specific types of behaviour and selecting the stratification of employee levels for benchmarking purposes.


The survey must be completed by a representative sample of employees, and a detailed analysis and report can be delivered within two weeks.